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Amazon Prime Air at launch: drones make their first deliveries

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The Amazon Prime Air program has been debated for years and will represent the future of deliveries to multiple people. On the other hand,arrival of parcels by drones This could be an important turning point for the world.

As reported by Ars Technica and The Verge, Andy Jassy’s company has officially started delivering parcels this way. Locations related to California and Texas. More precisely, the first case refers to Lockeford, while the second case refers to College Station. In short, the Amazon Prime Air service has officially made the first deliveries.

In fact, after getting approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to be able to use drones for package deliveries in August 2022, users at Lockeford and College Station were able to sign up for the service and test everything at the end of the year. . If you’re wondering, maximum payload is 5 lbs (approx. 2.2 kg): Amazon states that 85% of shipments typically fall within this weight range.

Once an order is placed, the user receives information on tracking and estimated delivery times (in the context of this test, we referred to an estimate of less than an hour). For delivery, the drone flies to the selected location, lands in the customer’s garden, positions itself at a safe height and releases the package, then returns to height. The six-propeller MK27-2 hexagonal drone is built to minimize high-frequency sound waves.

For now it must be said refers to the initial testing phasewhere drones are tested in small communities and watched by real people, whose algorithms actually make sure everything is right, making the drones avoid obstacles. Although it will take some time for a wider spread, it can be said that the Amazon Prime Air era has begun. For more details about the program, you can refer to the official Amazon portal.

Source: Every Eye

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