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Penguins can recognize themselves in a mirror – it’s an important discovery

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Penguins passed the mirror test. The second is a test that helps scientists understand whether animals have self-awareness. The test in question even failed in cats, but now a preprint document, wild Adélie made penguins.

During the examination, the examined creature is placed in front of the mirror and then a colored mark was made on his body (for example a sticker). If the animal tries to examine or remove the mark and does not show the signs of aggression or boasting typical of encountering a peer, it is assumed that the creature understands the nature of the reflexes and is able to identify itself.

The preprint article, which has not yet been published or approved by a peer review, was made in early 2020. None of the wild penguins acted aggressively true to his own image. However, under some conditions, the creatures tried to remove the glue, in other cases it did not.

We believe that this series of experiments constitutes perhaps the first investigation into the potential existence of self-awareness in any penguin species and led to the conduct of a series of cognition experiments on freely roaming individuals of a non-human species in their natural habitat.“, write the authors of the study.

Only future searches can: approve or reject this new studybut I’m waiting for concrete answers, let’s debunk a myth about penguins: it’s not true that they are monogamous.

Source: Every Eye

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