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This technology will be used to detect alien vehicles as large as Jupiter.

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Tools to study the universe could be very useful for discovering alien life: In fact, scientists have recently world’s largest gravitational wave observatory can detect ripples in space-time left behind by the giant alien spaceship.

We are talking about LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) located in the United States, which can do the following. describe space-time fluctuations. In a new study in the arXiv preprint database, scientists speculate that possible high-speed alien spacecraft, perhaps propelled by warp thrusters, will produce distinctive vibrations.

These space-time waves are not easy to see: the deformations produced by even the largest gravitational waves are very small and often a few thousandths of a proton or a neutron. In fact, LIGO is incredibly accurate and requires meticulous maintenance and calibration.

Therefore, to be detected by the gravitational wave detector, an alien ship should weigh about the same as Jupiter, traveling at one-tenth the speed of light and is located within 326,000 light-years of Earth. Are there ships of this size? Obviously researchers can’t give an answer, although it’s hard to imagine, but they hope to reduce the size of the intersection as increasingly sensitive gravitational wave detectors are deployed.

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