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Dynamic Ada iPhone 14 Pro made with advanced systems: new details

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Between Major innovations brought by Apple with the iPhone 14 ProWe definitely find Dynamic Island, the new design of the notch integrated into the top. However, this change prompted the Cupertino giant to make special requests to Samsung.

In this case, according to The Elec, Apple would make a request from Samsung (the company’s home screen supplier). use a more advanced manufacturing method to protect the screen to protect it from possible damage and to prevent loss of quality while watching content.

The report states that the Korean giant uses additional inkjet equipment during the manufacture of iPhone screens to create cutouts and protect the OLED panel.

Samsung should drill the pill-shaped hole directly into the screen in this case, but still avoid damaging the surrounding pixels when exposed to moisture and oxygen. That’s why Samsung has separated the clipping from these pixels.

Elec states that Apple’s other display supplier, LG Display, also uses the same method for the display group produced for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, and that the same equipment was used in the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models last year. .

Meanwhile, according to some rumors, the iPhone 14 will be difficult to find even in 2023 due to the recovery of Covid in China.

Source: Every Eye

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