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Explore “Octlantis”, an underwater city entirely ruled by octopuses

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You know a few years ago scientists discovered what they later renamed? “Octlantis”, an underwater city completely ruled by ruthless octopusesAlso called Sydney octopus? The finding shows that living things are not alone as previously thought, but can also be found in groups.

The “City” consists of: nests made of sand and shell piles and houses for up to 15 cephalopodsLocated 10 to 15 meters below the waters of Jervis Bay on the eastern Australian coast, it measures 18×4 meters. These creatures live together in harmony, communicate with each other, chase away unwanted octopuses, and evacuate each other from burrows and fistfish, the researchers reported.

These behaviors are the product of natural selection and can be quite similar to the complex social behaviors of vertebrates.Ephrat Livni, principal investigator of David Scheel of Alaska Pacific University, said the octopuses’ urban center emerged. Near another city discovered in 2009 called Octopolis (yes, scientists are very creative with names).

Both sites had features that we thought made congregation possible, namely a few rock outcrops that punctuate a flat and featureless area of ​​the seabed.Insiders thought octopuses were solitary creatures, but, said Stephanie Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Chicago these settlements may have always existed and only today do we find them.

It wasn’t hard to imagine, as these creatures had something very similar to us.

Source: Every Eye

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