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iOS 17, don’t expect big news: Apple prioritizes xrOS

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Popular journalist Mark Gurman also spoke about it in the same news release that covered the latest Apple AR rumors. iOS 17The next-generation iPhone operating system that should see the light of day with a presentation at WWDC this fall.

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Gürman’s report today shows that iOS 17 shouldn’t bring big changes in terms of functionality. It’s easy to see why: Apple gives xrOS the highest priority with iOS 16 fixes.

this mix is ​​good also limits the development of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 known internally by the codename “Dawn”, which can reach user devices “with less major change than originally expected”. The same will be true for macOS 14. It is developed internally under the codename “Sunburst”.

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Apple is also working on the Apple Store: It aims to bring new features dedicated to augmented reality. Currently, some that are activated when a user enters a physical Apple Store are already available in the online store. It’s not clear what Apple is working on, however, but as always we urge you to be skeptical of such rumors.

Official announcements may come to WWDC, which is scheduled for June 2023.

Source: Every Eye

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