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This station has no entrance and exit: why was it created?

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In Japan, in addition to being generously paid to live in the countryside, it’s possible to visit a station literally in the middle of nowhere: it’s just there to make us think and think. Do you want to know what it is?

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Now we are talking about the famous station. Seiryu Miharashi Supplementis located in Yamaguchi Prefecture in southern Japan. The trains, which run at frequent 15-minute intervals, stop for anyone who wants to, damn it. No tourist placesfuturistic cities or meaningful temples, but “only” a waterfall, river on the mountainside Nishiki and lush vegetation.

It is a relatively new train station and was opened for its sole purpose only in March 2019. stop people in the endto surrender yourself to places of complete silence. Once reached, there is, in fact, no entry or exit. So what can be done? You can get down and stop to enjoy the simple, amazing panorama.

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Given the busy life in Japan and the obsession with smartphones and video games, that wouldn’t be bad at all. now it has taken over completely uncontrollably. Indeed, it is interesting how exactly the Japanese land, which always takes care of itself, body and soul, almost takes precedence over the obvious phenomena of social and personal disharmony.

We can say with certainty that this unique station in the world will not suffer the fate of the Roman underground, which devalues ​​the neighboring houses, but on the contrary, the Seiryu Miharashi Eki stop represents a clear and sure sign for all of us. turning point and reflection on the importance of stopping and “holding your breath”.

Source: Every Eye

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