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ChatGPT Takes Giant Steps: OpenAI AI Wrote Dungeons and Dragons Campaign!

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Our conversation with ChatGPT’s AI showed all the possibilities AI offers in terms of typing and user interaction. But today someone went even further: In fact, a YouTuber asked ChatGPT to: write a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for your party.

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The experiment was conducted by YouTube channel The AI ​​Wizard, who explained that he could do it in a 25-minute long video. create a complete Dungeons and Dragons adventure using only AI. Specifically, AI Wizard reported using ChatGPT to write the plot and dialogues, and Stable Diffusion for the images accompanying the text.

YouTuber also shared a post. A small excerpt from the campaign written by AIreads: “While walking through the forest with your comrades, you arrive near a small village. The village is surrounded by corn fields and smoke rises from the chimneys of the wooden houses. You decide to enter the village and when you enter the town, the locals greet you. These are simple people in bad clothes, carrying tools and weapons. they are looking at you eyes full of fear and hope”.

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But how did ChatGPT manage to write such a coherent and coherent story that it could be used for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign? everything depends on it latest OpenAI AI enhancements: In fact, compared to previous versions, ChatGPT now remembers what users typed in previous messages of the conversation, thus providing more effective and coherent replies with the rest of the conversation. Not only that: the AI ​​can now receive and process the user’s corrections, so it has the ability to “rewrite” parts of speech that don’t work.

Thanks to these possibilities, the AI ​​Wizard was able to “force” ChatGPT to create a real campaign. Long string of prompts to AI, each intended to explain a small part of the story. Finally, the YouTuber explained that he especially appreciated artificial intelligence because “manages to articulate many details of the narrative while maintaining a style that allows players to make choices for the campaign.”.

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Source: Every Eye

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