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An artificial intelligence will defend the defendant: “first robot lawyer”

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In these pages, we talked for a long time about the possible effects of artificial intelligence on the world of work, but probably no one imagined it. lawyers may also be at risk.

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In fact, a worldwide unique event is about to occur in the UK, as reported by AGI: an artificial intelligence based on an algorithm developed by DoNotPay, will advise the accused during a court case by acting as his attorney.

L’AI will be released on a smartphone, which will let him hear all the judgment. Once the algorithm has obtained all the relevant information, it will tell the lawyer what to say to the judges and prosecutors via a smartphone. The project was announced on New Scientist, where researchers describe it as “world’s first robot lawyertargeting”fight corporations, beat bureaucracy and sue anyone at the push of a button”. In the manifesto, the developers clearly willing to change lawyersbecause they say they charge hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour for something “about this language”.

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There are still many good lawyers who can sue in the European Court of Human Rights, but many lawyers are asking too much money just to copy and paste documents, and I think they will and should be changed for sure. machineReads research consulted by AGI colleagues.

DoNotPay also offered to cover any fines if your AI loses the case.

Meanwhile, speaking of the negative aspects of the weekend, there was also news that ChatGPT was banned in public schools in New York.

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Source: Every Eye

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