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Cooler Master, the gaming computer of the future, presented Shark X in the form of a shark

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PC gamers may soon enter the next generation of gaming workstations: after discovering the “definitive” Cooler Master Orb X Gamepod workstation, news about PC cases from Taipei company arrived today. And which houses: at CES, the company has a futuristic shark-shaped gaming pc.

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This PC named Cooler Master Shark Xand is based on mode Leviathan’s 2019 made by modders inony This is a real robotic shark caught just as it was about to emerge from the water, with space inside to contain a motherboard, a CPU, a GPU, and (hopefully) a decently sized heatsink.

Also, the Shark X actually stands on a hexagonal base with RGB lighting. also mark the details of the sharklike its eyes and fins. The space inside the case will allow you to house a Mini-ITX motherboard and other relatively small components: in short, don’t expect your NVIDIA RTX 4090 to be the right size to find room in the core of the Cooler Master shark.

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throughout 2023, Cooler Master will launch a pre-assembled PC Using the Shark X case, so that a structure prefabricated without the hassle of choosing the right size components (and having to fit them into such an oddly shaped case). There structure It will have an AIO cooler for the 120mm CPU, an SFX power supply, and a Wi-Fi antenna built into the shark’s rear fin. unfortunately for now no information about other components of the PC, such as the CPU, GPU and RAM that will be revealed in 2023.

Colleagues from Tom’s Hardware who had the opportunity to review Cooler Master Shark X previewthey announced”It’s a really tough case with an impressive design. It looked like a real product, unlike many of the concepts you saw at CES.”.

Source: Every Eye

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