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16 years ago Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone: this is how Apple entered history

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After Safari celebrates its twentieth birthday, it’s time to commemorate another historic launch from Apple: sixteen years ago, on January 9, 2007, the CEO of the Cupertino company. Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhoneforever changing the world of phones and technology in general.

The introduction of the smartphone took place during the Macworld Expo in San Francisco in 2007.today, Apple is reinventing phone“The CEO of the bitten apple triumphantly announced sixteen years ago, introducing a device with an incredibly futuristic design for that time, a multi-touch screen and a custom operating system, iPhoneOS.

Jobs used the iPhone as a iPod without physical controlsOn the other hand, what sets it apart the most from the competition is its stuck on physical QWERTY keyboards, even on the phone. However, at the same time, the iPhone was also a revolutionary device for telephone and internet communication: These three separate souls of the device were at that time a 3.5 inch LCD screen, 2 MP camera and an aluminum and plastic case.

Smartphone design was so avant-garde for its time that it took a long time. Three years before Apple revised it With a full reformat that only came with the iPhone 4 in 2010. In fact, the iPhone 4 introduced a flat-edge design, Retina display, 4 MP camera and an LED flash. The following year, the iPhone 5 “world’s thinnest smartphone”it doubles the camera resolution and changes the aspect ratio of the screen.

The rest is history: between Touch ID, Face ID, Dynamic Island and systems with two or three cameras up to 48 MP, iPhone has come a long way over the yearsmoved from iPhoneOS to iOS and Apple services, as well as the operating system. However, the Cupertino house doesn’t seem to want to stop: Rather, the iPhone 15 Pro will feature six new special features, including a titanium body and solid-state buttons.

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