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Twitter, more layoffs: part of home content moderation team

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The past week has been pretty quiet on the Elon Musk-Twitter front, especially after Twitter was removed from its San Francisco headquarters. But in the last few hours, the South African billionaire and his social platform have been back in conversation ever since. Twitter fired other employees.

THEM layoffs include moderation team Content: Twitter was going to be fired, according to Bloomberg “at least a dozen” Percentage of employees employed in the risk content management sector between Singapore and Dublin offices. Among the “significant” layoffs we see the layoff of Analuisa Dominguez, who has so far been the Senior Director of Revenue Policy. Paid subscriptions like Twitter Blue and ads.

The American newspaper noted, however, that most of the laid-off workers Twitter’s anti-disinformation team. A dozen layoffs are nothing compared to Twitter’s thousands of layoffs in the past two months, which put the company’s total workforce between 25 and 50 percent of the previous administration.

However, only moderation industry hit hardest, with far deeper cuts in the workforce than any other part of the company, and layoffs of various Twitter contractors whose job it is precisely to manage user reports on problematic content. In an already understaffed situation, the latest cuts make user control impossibleand hence the imposition of social networking rules.

However, Bloomberg explained that behind all of Musk’s layoffs lie a series of rational decisions: Twitter relied on “volume”or allocation of investment, funds and workers accordingly, out of income guaranteed by each of the business lines. In other words, structures and industries that are least profitable will be most prone to layoffs.

Source: Every Eye

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