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iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, stocks recovering: also available in Italy in 1-3 days

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At the beginning of January, production of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro resumed, promising an improvement in the availability of “ready for delivery” smartphones both in Apple Stores and online. Actually, in the last few hours, iPhone 14 stocks recoverreduces waiting times for purchase deliveries.

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To break the news, Macrumors in the United States announced this all iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max configurations available For immediate purchase from the Apple Store or for next day delivery with online purchases. But until a few weeks ago, the Cupertino house warned that it would take about three or four weeks to get one of the two “Pro” iPhones. On the contrary, Availability of iPhone 14 and 14 Plus has always remained goodEven during the Christmas period.

American data are indicative of a global recovery: even in Italy, for example, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max available Delivery within 1-3 business days for online purchases. Unfortunately, the situation is not yet the best in terms of in-store availability as not all variants of the two smartphones are available in all Apple Stores in the country.

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In the past months, to cause problems in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max stocks… The complex situation of Chinese factories Number of Apple, Foxconn suppliers Firstly. The company even experienced protests from workers, who first faced Beijing’s forced shutdowns of most of its production lines due to a wave of infections from Covid-19, followed by workers’ shutdowns in factories to ensure minimal production. regimens.

Fortunately, Improving Chinese health conditions As of the end of December, a rapid recovery in production and a shortening of order fulfillment times seem to have been achieved. However, it is still unclear whether the situation will remain unchanged until the end of winter, or whether Beijing will instead opt for other mandatory shutdowns in the event of a new wave of Coronavirus infections.

Source: Every Eye

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