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Samsung Galaxy S23, news on the RAM side: They will be the first smartphones with LPDDR5X memory

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After discovering that Samsung may return to proprietary SoCs with their next generation of Galaxy series smartphones, a new leak sheds light on one of the most interesting specs of Korean flagships: apparently, actually, Galaxy S23 will have one of the most advanced RAM on the market.

Last October, Samsung announced LPDDR5X RAM for Snapdragon chips. Now, it seems, a new generation of memories Ready to launch with Samsung Galaxy S23, in parallel with the specially optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chip. These two improvements could make the Galaxy S23 Ultra one of the most advanced and performing smartphones on the market, even surpassing the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

news is coming Ahmed QwaiderPredicting the colors and specs of the Galaxy S23 in recent days and proving to be particularly reliable in the Android scene in recent weeks. Qwaider explained LPDDR5X RAM 20% more efficient in terms of power consumption compared to standard LPDDR5 memories. It also achieves speeds of: processing Data equivalent to 8.5 Gbps versus 6.4 Gbps LPDDR5 memories.

Finally, the leak itself confirmed Interruptions to S23’s RAM and internal storage in all its variants. Therefore, at the end of February, the following best-in-class smartphone models from Samsung will be released:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, 12GB RAM and 256, 512, or 1TB of storage
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ with 8GB RAM and 256 or 512GB storage
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 with 8GB RAM and 256 or 512GB storage

Only very few countries will get a 128GB S23 internal memory. Given Samsung’s business moves in recent years, the latter is likely to come to markets where there is a greater need to keep prices lower, such as India and Southeast Asia.

Finally, the WCCFTech portal explained: Apple will also adopt LPDDR5X RAMsbut it will only do so with the release of the iPhone 16 from 2024. This will ensure Samsung is one year ahead of its rival, even if this year it looks like it will hit 8GB of RAM versus the iPhone 15 6GB iPhone 14.

Source: Every Eye

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