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Extraordinary drag racing between three-wheelers: from the BMW Isetta to the Piaggio Ape

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Do you think the carwow team can start the new year with a quiet drag race? Obviously not, but this time instead of offering hypercar based challenges against MotoGP or whatever rolled a series of three-wheeled vehiclesincluding models that have become true symbols of mobility or entire countries.

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So on the starting line we find a selection of tricycles that are far from performance or have goosebumps sound, but beautiful in their original form and different from normal looks. There are a total of five contestants starting with . presentproduced by Reliable Engine Company In the UK from 1953 to 1973, so a small car – here in minibus format – has an 848 cc engine with a single steering wheel at the front and under the hood with 37 horsepower, this is actually the most powerful of the bunch.

we’ll find later The world’s smallest car, namely the Peel P50A mini car with a 50 cc engine and only 4.2 hp, next to the iconic TukTukmost used movement tool in Thailand that mimics an Italian legend, namely Piaggio Monkey, the legendary Italian tricycle that became famous all over the world. And finally there BMW IsettaThe only car of the group with direct front access to the passenger compartment, which opens like a large door.

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As stated at the beginning, this is a challenge full of charm and originality, so if you are looking for sensational sounds and mind-blowing performance, we recommend following the drag race between the Audi R8 and the Audi Quattro S1 Group B rally. .

Source: Every Eye

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