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What’s wrong with this Mercedes dealer? It is a 1:18 scale reproduction.

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It’s no use hiding our passion for miniature reproductions of real cars or even automotive cult places: Last year, we spent a few moments thinking about the perfectly functional 1:32 scale reproduction of Lingotto, and today history repeats itself with it. this is a miniature Mercedes dealership.

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After all, when you have a collection of model cars from the entire Mercedes range, nothing better than showing it off: the youtuber behind the channel Miniature Cars therefore recreated the entire franchise down to the smallest detailcomplete with lighting, seating, showroom and furniture, the latter of course delivered in scale directly from a Mercedes van on site.

In fact, during the video he writes He also wanted to repeat the steps of establishing a dealership.so you’ll see clips of cars entering the hall or taking their place in the parking lots outside the building, and frankly, the arrival of the aforementioned minibus with the sofas unloaded to be placed in can’t be missed.

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car models equally accurate in reproducing their real counterparts, finished with different colors for the interior trim that runs through the highly detailed instrument panels and screens. That’s why during the video you can keep your eyes on the S-Class, A-Class, G-Class, C-Class as well as the GLA, GLB and GLE, the very luxury Maybach S680 and GLS 600 (the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 is an ultra luxury).

Source: Every Eye

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