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iPhone 15, is everything ready? Foxconn prepares for mass production

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After discovering that the iPhone 15 will come with six special features, many Apple fans are already eagerly awaiting the smartphone, although its launch is not scheduled until September. albeit in reality Apple appears to be in an unusual rushso much so that mass production of the iPhone 15 would have already begun.

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WCCFTech specifically explains: Foxconn would launch artificial intelligence trials Stage of iPhone 15 trials it often precedes mass production and involves building and testing a limited number of devices to verify that production chains are working perfectly and that there are no defects in the product.

In addition, in the coming days, Foxconn also needs to tell Apple. final production cost of each iPhone 15iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max manufactured in their factory: This is a very important moment in the lifecycle of the smartphone, as Apple will set the MSRP based on the prices set by Foxconn and other suppliers. According to various leaks, there will even be iPhone 15 louder than iPhone 14.

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However, if Apple accepts Foxconn’s offer, Foxconn will begin mass production. improved and refined production processes to avoid any problems between now and September, so that new iPhones are released smoothly and (hopefully) with enough stock to meet pre-order demand.

In addition to the price issue, the bulk pre-production phase is also important because it is precisely this phase that is carefully planned. To protect Apple from billion-dollar lossesLike what happened when the iPhone 14 could not be found at Christmas due to the recent wave of Covid-19 in China.

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