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How do you pay the Rai 2023 license fee? everything you need to know

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A new year has officially begun and with it Renewing the Rai license feethat is, the tax that Italians hate most, will have to be paid in 2023 by those who own audio-visual devices that can receive the television signal.

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Despite rumors last year that there was talk of a possible change in the payment method of the Rai license fee from 2023, noNo news from this front Underlining that the Ministry of Economy and Finance is close to the approval of the 2023 Budget Law, “Rumors that the Rai license fee has been deducted from the electricity bill are unfounded in light of the lengthy preliminary work going on.” . Regarding the rumors about a request coming directly from the European Union, MEF has announced that the analysis by Agcm has not emerged.There is no critical problem in the payment of the Rai license fee in terms of competition in the energy market”.

It won’t even change Confirmed amount of 90 Euros annually, it is spread over ten installments of 9 Euros (if the bill is bimonthly 18 Euros) for the electricity bills received in the first ten months of the year. Payment then takes place from January to October.

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