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The human station around the Moon will be incredibly claustrophobic

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Any astronaut who suffers from claustrophobia (most likely doesn’t) will be put to the test on their journey to the lunar space station, officially called the “Moon Passage”. The living spaces of this place will be so small that those inside they won’t be able to stand inside.

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These were the last statements of an architect involved in the design of the building. At least initially (hoping for some additions) the space lab was approx. One-sixth the size of the International Space Station (ISS)with just two modules that will force all crew members to give up personal space.

Finally the lunar lab”It will have approximately 8 cubic meters of living space and will need to be shared with three people.“said René Waclavicek, space architect and design researcher at LIQUIFER Space Systems.”In other words, it’s a 2-by-2-by-2-foot room and you’re locked in there.

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Architects while designing banging your head against the limits imposed by the nature of the projectLike the inability to carry a lot of material around the moon. This is exactly why a structure as large as the International Space Station cannot be built: It would cost much (much!) more, both in terms of economy and time.

The experience of staying at Gateway will be challenging. In addition to the reduction of living spaces, also because most of the module will be occupied by one person noisy and vibrating life support technology with constant hum He could test even the most patient person in the world. “It’s like you’re living in an engine room”, continues Waclavicek.”The life support systems make noise, they have lots of fans and you only have 1.5 cubic meters of private space where you can close the door and cut the noise.

In short, big companies also need big solutions.

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