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The world’s smallest snail is small enough to fit through a pinhole.

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L’Angustopila dominicae It is a snail small enough to go through a pinhole. And that’s not all: It’s such a tiny creature that 10 specimens could fit in its eye. We’re talking about one of seven types of “micronails” that were discovered a few years ago in Guangxi province in southern China.

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THERE. is dominica there world’s smallest known land snail and the wife of the discovery’s author, Dr. It is named after Barna Pall-Gergely Dominica. “The extremes in the body size of organisms not only attract the attention of the public, but also arouse interest in adapting to their environment.the authors said in ZooKeys magazine.

The only empty shell of the new species was found in a soil sample at the bottom of the cliffs at the southern end of Jiaole Cun in Bama Xian. This “container” is 0.86mm high and 0.8mm wide.. The opening of the valve or animal’s house is 0.3 mm high and 0.37 mm wide. Prior to this discovery, the smallest member of the genus was Angustopila, rising with a shell height of 0.99 mm.

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There are no snails smaller than these., say the authors of the discovery, because organs and cells could not function in such small proportions. In short, despite the fact that creatures of this size are not so rare, a real record, which in the future is almost invincible: an example is the smallest reptile in the world and even the smallest mammal in the world.

Source: Every Eye

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