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Climate Migration: Fiji must be relocated due to climate change

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Who said that the climate crisis has no visible impact at the moment? Indonesia, on the other hand, is changing its capital city as the existing one is submerged in the sea. 40 villages in Fiji will be relocated over the next 5-10 years due to climate effects. Some have already moved.

For the past four years, Fijian authorities have been discussing a plan to resettle entire communities at risk. As you can imagine, this is a The country is very sensitive to the effects of the climate crisis. and in 2016, Cyclone Winston struck the coastline, killing 44 people and causing $1.4 billion in damage.

It has more than 300 islands and less than a million inhabitants, 65% of whom live within five kilometers of the coast: therefore Everyone living here is very exposed to climate change. and sea level rises. This is a costly process that cannot be afforded by either the Fijian government or the local population.

This phenomenon also has a name: climate migration. The latter occurs when people have to move away from an area affected by extreme weather and seek refuge in areas with a milder climate. It is a global phenomenon that will continue to grow, with people around the world having to leave their homes due to repeated environmental disasters such as fires or floods.

United Nations bodies over the next 30 years one billion climate migrantsother projections show 1.2 billion by 2050.

Source: Every Eye

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