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Here is our secret weapon: it can fight pollution

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Even an algae that survived the deadly asteroid for dinosaurs, these wonderful creatures are definitely underestimated. Let’s learn together about the latest research published on this subject. pnas.

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It has now been widely proven that brown algae It proved to be literally miraculous when it came to absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. But what researchers at the “Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology” discovered is, brown algae can remove large amounts of carbon dioxide in a relatively short time, thereby counteracting global warming.

We’re talking specifically about an amount that shouldn’t be underestimated: 0.55 gigatonnes each year. These algae are more common on rocky coasts and releases up to a third of the carbon they absorb into seawaterin the form of small sugary excretions.

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“Brown algae secretions are very complex and therefore incredibly complex to measure. However, we were able to develop a method to analyze them in detail.” Hagen Buck-Wiese is the lead author of the study. The results speak for themselves. Indeed, it turned out that they were. can absorb about 1 gigatonne of carbon per year directly from the air, equal to about a billion tons.

Therefore, the algae manage to absorb carbon and transform it into a certain viscous substance in the form of “balls”.fucoidan“. Through this process, the team of experts was able to identify brown algae for comparison. They could tie in almost all of Germany’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Although seaweed is now regularly eaten by millions of people, perhaps they haven’t seen the value they deserve yet. For example, can’t they help repair (at least partially) the damage that the human continues to commit?

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