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A NASA satellite is falling towards Earth

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NASA announced on Friday Falling of a satellite that is no longer working. A reentry to the atmosphere planned between Sunday and Monday will destroy most of the satellite, but some fragments may survive.

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According to the space agency, the odds of debris hitting someone are roughly “extremely low.” 1 in 9,400.

known as satellite ESRB (Ground Radiation Budget Satellite) was launched with the shuttle in 1984 challengers Its main function was to take measurements of stratospheric ozone, aerosols and other gases. In addition, the satellite studied how Earth absorbs solar energy and how much it radiates.

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Although intended to operate for only two years, the ESRB He served for more than twenty years until 2005.. Since then, the satellite has become a huge space junk and its orbit has gradually decreased.

As mentioned above, the return was expected between Sunday night and Monday morning, with a window of approximately 17 hours. According to estimates, it was supposed to be a satellite crashing into the Pacific Ocean this morning, but this is not yet confirmed.

Waiting for more updates, do you know how likely it is to be hit by a satellite?

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Source: Every Eye

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