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Tesla Cybertruck, something is moving: ‘heavy’ arrivals in Giga Texas

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Something is moving in the house tesla Considering mass production, cyber trucksUndoubtedly the most talked about and also the most desired pick-up in the world. If pre-orders are confirmed, Elon Musk’s company will place 1.6 million Cybertrucks over the next few years, which is really impressive numbers.

The truth is that there is no certainty about the future of the electric vehicle, but in any case, if analysts’ predictions are confirmed, the pick-up will go into production this year and then It will be available in early 2024.

The “challenge” Cybertruck with the amazing RAM 1500 at CES was announced in November 2019, followed by a series of delays due to covid and the crisis. definitively postponed to 2023/2024and this time it looks like a really good one. All confirmed tegtmeyerwho posted the video YouTube Large wooden containers precisely branded IDRA, highlighting a large load arriving at the Tesla factory in Texas.

This is the producing company large machines for die casting and that Tesla uses to make their own cars, including the Cybertruck. Therefore, we are faced with a clear indication that the electric giant is ready. come in full swing when the green pickup truck comes to the assembly line, and as a result, we will finally have to see the first vehicles on the roads by the end of the year or the beginning of next year.

However, when the price announced in 2019 is announced, everything is silent about the technical features ($39,900), should undoubtedly rise in light of high inflation in recent years. Tesla’s goal is to produce at least 500,000 deliveries in the next 12 months it will also face increasingly fierce competition, as evidenced by the presentation of T-MAD, which has already been renamed the China Cybertruck.

Source: Every Eye

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