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Tesla cuts prices in several markets: Too many cars in inventory

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Are you waiting for the right time? buy a new Tesla? Be patient because it may be your turn soon… Elon Musk’s company is reducing prices in a few markets, and that could be in Italy as well.

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In recent months, we have witnessed an almost uncontrolled price increase in every sector. it happened with error higher inflation than ever for very different reasons: the geopolitical situation in the world, the decline in confidence in the markets, the epidemic in China and so on. When prices rise exorbitantly, the next step is the deepest recession, where users spend less and less on goods and services. This is what happened to automotive brands, even Tesla, which did not experience a crisis in 2022. Elon Musk has pushed the production front hard, opening new factories in Berlin and Austin, but now people are buying less and cars are starting to pile up.

A price cut has already arrived in China, mainly to offset the crisis associated with COVID-19, this news has caused panic in front of some Tesla Stores in the country. Now Tesla is also preparing to cut prices in Australia, Singapore, South Korea and Japan. In Singapore, Tesla is offering 4,600 euros to anyone paying for a thermal car, and another 4,600 euros to those who drive the car in the country where taxes are very high. to new customers Tesla also offers a free wallbox.

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Right now, the company seems to have a 50,000-car discrepancy between backlog, manufactured and sold in the last two quarters (we mentioned this in the article Tesla produces more cars than it sells), so there’s a need. make some room… Usually similar offers come in at the end of the fiscal quarter so sales figures increase, it’s unusual to see this aggressive marketing at the beginning of the quarter, Tesla plans to change its strategy this 2023? Time will show us…

Source: Every Eye

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