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MSI Afterburner in recent credits? He would turn the center of the war on Ukraine.

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While the official website continues to keep download channels open, especially after the crypto malware threat from Afterburner, MS extension would have been pretty much out of the way of popular monitoring and overclocking software until now.

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It was his own “father” who revealed the status of the project, Alexey “Solvent” Nicolaychuk. On the Guru3D forum, the Russian developer recently updated the status by answering user questions “No need to be impatient. This just motivates me and the MSI Afterburner project is probably dead“.

Later Unwinder said, “The reasons are war and politics. I didn’t want to talk about it in the software development thread but the project half abandoned by the company for a while. Right now due to the ‘political situation’ it’s almost a year away from MSI’s final payment on the Afterburner license agreement. For the last 11 months I have tried to continue working on the project alone, but the result has been nothing but frustration; I feel like I’m trying to revive a dead horse, and it’s a waste of energy for something that society clearly doesn’t need. Anyway, I will continue to support him in my spare time but my chances are slim. I will feel the need to give up to devote myself to something elseto let me pay the bills“.

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MSI then confirmed the complexity of the situation to WCCFTech employees, while overlooking the state of the software and future intentions.Our marketing and accounting team is still dealing with the situation at this time. Because of war, our payments cannot be transferred to the developer’s bank. We are in constant communication with him and we are trying to solve the problem.“.

Recall that Dragon company has been in the limelight again lately with its explanations about the pricing policies of new NVIDIA graphics cards. In a tweet that was later deleted, MSI could actually criticize NVIDIA for the RTX 4080 and recommend the RTX 4070 Ti instead.

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