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This video shows you the horror of not closing the toilet seat

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Just because something isn’t seen doesn’t mean it isn’t there. That’s exactly why a team of scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder demonstrated all this in a recent video (see above). tiny water droplets in the air that occurs every time you flush the toilet.

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The droplets in question aerosol plumescan spread pathogens from human waste and expose people in public restrooms to infectious diseases. Consider a typical commercial toilet creating a powerful upward blast of air. speeds greater than 2 meters per second.

To find all this information, the scientists analyzed a toilet with lasers after flushing the toilet without lowering the toilet seat. Although insiders are expected to observe a large number of particles, these still amazed at the power of the jet which threw these tiny drops of water out of the glass.

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Such information is necessary to develop strategies to reduce the formation of aerosol clouds and their ability to transmit disease. This pathogen-containing particles are important vectors of human disease. Even the smallest suspended in the air can expose people to respiratory diseases; The largest ones, on the other hand, which settle on surfaces quickly, can transmit intestinal diseases such as norovirus by hand and mouth contact.

An obvious strategy to reduce the spread It is to turn off the tablet before flushing, but since public toilets often do not have lids, ventilation or UV disinfection systems can be very useful.

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Source: Every Eye

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