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How to set up proxy connection in Whatsapp? Recently available news

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As we can tell in these pages recently, Whatsapp has implemented support for proxy connections mainly targeting users living in countries that are subject to restrictions by governments.

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Basically then when you are not able to connect to the platform instant messaging can be done through a proxy server provided by volunteers or organizations that take care to circumvent censorship, which helps to communicate securely and free of charge.

From android you can set proxy server like this

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  • Open Whatsapp
  • On the Chat tab, tap the three dots, then tap ‘Settings’.
  • Here, tap on “Space and Data”
  • Go to “Proxy” and then “Use Proxy”

At this point, you need to set up the proxy by entering the given address. After everything is entered, you can click the “save” button: if the checkmark appears, it is set correctly, otherwise it is not.

From iPhones and iOS The procedure is similar:

  • Open Whatsapp
  • Tap on “Space and data” and then “Proxy”.
  • Select “Use Proxy” here

The procedure is practically the same: just enter the proxy address and make sure it is checked.

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Whatsapp emphasizes once again how “using a third-party proxy will share your IP address with the proxy provider. Third-party proxies are not provided by WhatsApp.”

Source: Every Eye

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