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BMW CEO Zipse sure: “Electric cars will never be cheap”

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Without a doubt, there was one of the absolute heroes of the last CES 2023 held in Las Vegas. BMWStarting with its CEO, Oliver Zipse. Many statements made by the same executive in terms of the future of the auto market, such as the electrical ones.

The propeller company has made it clear that it wants to focus on EVs, as demonstrated in the presentation of BMW’s visionary i Vision Dee, but it has also revealed what the electric market will be like. always pretty expensive. “BMW offers electric cars in all segmentsi – Zipse’s words to the microphones of the Americans CNBCand of course if we get things bigger there will be a trend to make cars cheaper but electromobility will never be cheap“.

In other words, don’t expect all-electric cars in the next few years. 10 thousand euros Despite recent trends in the European market, where the best-selling car in November 2022 is a Tesla Model Y, unless the market literally explodes, replacing currently unpredictable, internal combustion cars.

In any case, Zipse said it was ready to commit to the Mission. making electric cars more affordable: “This is the industry’s next task to drive prices down further.Zipse has already addressed the issue of electricity prices and costs in an interview given in the past months and made the following statement:When it comes to electric cars, it should be considered as a problem that the supply of raw materials required for the production of these types of vehicles makes manufacturers dependent on a handful of countries, especially China..

However, BMW certainly does not intend to invest in the sector, on the contrary, Bev registrations will be made in 2022. increased by 107.7 percent Compared to the previous year, the total number of electric vehicles placed by BMW is equal to 15%. In short, really impressive numbers that only need to improve in the future, especially new class, The new platform, which will be operational from 2025 and will see the launch of the i3 sedan and iX3 SUV, is undoubtedly more accessible than BMW’s current electrified models.

Source: Every Eye

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