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Want to convert a WebP image to JPG or PNG? Can be done quickly

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When you download an image from the Internet, especially some websites, the way it reaches your PC, tablet or smartphone is usually WebP. It’s a very lightweight and “next-gen” format, as Google says, but not always practical: How do you convert a webp file to jpg or png?

Before everything, In what situations is it useful or necessary to switch from .webp to .jpg or .png?Are , now considered traditional formats? Basically, if you need to make changes to the image: on the one hand, it is necessary to accept that WebP files are compressed better and have a smaller size for the same quality of colors and shapes, on the other hand, it is necessary to observe how. The .webp extension is not yet supported by several less popular browsers, and best of all, photo editing programs. Also, the PNG format fully supports transparency and allows better editing of images on websites.

After clarifying the main differences between the mentioned formats, it’s time to see how to convert from WebP to JPG, PNG or other formats. It’s actually very simple, as there are sites entirely dedicated to this quick process. An example is CloudConvertPortal that allows you to switch from one image format to another, choosing from many types from 3FR to XPS: just choose WebP and the format you are interested in on the special page, upload the image by dragging it into the window or selecting it from a PC, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive and Finally hit the Convert button.

However, free conversions have a limit.: after a certain number of files or a certain time spent on the portal, the latter will block access, recommending you to purchase one of the paid plans with a monthly subscription. However, considering that there are other similar portals such as Convertio, this drawback is very easy to overcome: among other things, the process is the same; then just follow the guide above.

Speaking of photography and editing, did you know that Adobe Stock will host AI-generated images?

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