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A fake ChatGPT app is very popular on the App Store: it’s asking $7.99 a week but it’s fake

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A fake app that looks like the popular ChatGPT chatbot It climbs all the rankings of the App Store by asking users to pay a $7.99 subscription to access a completely free service.

L’Access to ChatGPT is via the web Via the official website and completely free of charge: In fact, in order to exploit the potential of the chatbot, whose population is dwindling on the web, it is necessary to log in via Google or similar services.

The application in question $7.99 weekly or $49.99 annual subscription provides unlimited access to the bot and is committed to eliminating in-app ads. However, the same app and its bot are bogus and not only do not depend on ChatGPT, but give generic and inconsistent responses to user inputs.

In the United States, the app is the second most downloaded app in the App Store’s productivity category, with close to 12,000 reviews, almost all negative.

The developers of the app called “Social Media Apps & Gaming Sports Health Run Walk Jogging Fitness Tracker” have also released other similar apps like “Activity Lock Screen Widget 16” and “BetterTrack Ride Hike Run Swim” in the store.

According to the latest rumors, Microsoft is preparing a maxi investment of 10 billion dollars in ChatGPT.

Source: Every Eye

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