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In today’s optical illusion, it is impossible to find a tiger in less than 10 seconds.

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The weekend is still far away, but what could be better than a nice weekend? optical illusion To keep your brain busy? In the challenge we present to you today – you will have to see the best version of it in the image at the end of the article – a large number of elephants are represented, but another animal is also hiding among them.

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Finding the tiger in less than 10 seconds is statistically difficult and web users who tried it often suffered a major setback. The colors in this image definitely increase the overall difficulty, as black and white make the hidden creature harder to spot.

Images like this come, but also more complex optical illusions like those of a duck or a rabbit. used by psychologists and neuroscientists to study certain cognitive processes of his patients. This is because rational explanations can be given—more or less—on the basis of a certain point of view while observing the image.

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There is no scientific explanation in one today: it’s just a a little exercise to keep your gray matter active. Can you find the tiger? If you have completed the feat in less than 10 seconds, statistically you definitely fall into the category of people with more advanced and careful cognitive processes.

Before looking at the numbers you will find below, our advice is; Calculate time with your phone and stop after target set. Once you’ve done that, let us know what your record is in the comment section. Are you ready? Let’s start tiger hunting (virtually only!).

Source: Every Eye

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