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There is a rare medical condition in which patients are not aware that they are blind.

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Anton syndrome is a very rare medical condition. a blind patient claims he can see instead. The name comes from neurologist Gabriel Anton and describes a person who is cortically blind (i.e. blinded by damage to the visual region of the brain) but has visions that lead him to believe he has not lost sight.

with the suns 28 cases recorded in the medical literature, this is a very rare case and contains very little information. Often those who suffer from it will categorically confirm that they are not blind and that they actually see very well (although today there are innovative treatments that actually improve vision in blind subjects).

Patients experience severe mental confusion, even trying hard-to-complete achievements Anton’s syndrome for the blind is particularly common in elderly patients who have had a brain injury, although it has also been reported in a six-year-old person in the past.

The neurologist for whom the condition is named, first observed this phenomenon in a 69-year-old woman who was both deaf and blind, with damage to both temple lobes. It is seen that the syndrome was also observed in the Roman period.When a woman named Harpaste was blind, but strongly believed she was not (as described in Seneca’s Moral Letters to Lucilius in 63 AD).

But it’s a really weird and rare medical condition that Cotard syndrome overcomes that makes you believe you’re undead.

Source: Every Eye

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