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Google brings some Android 13 features to Android 11 and 12: The operating system is becoming increasingly modular

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Google makes it available to developers New tool called “Extension Software Developer Kit”It will let you enjoy some of the features offered in Android 13 on Android 11 and 12 based devices as well.

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Mountain View giant with this kit in a post on its blog “Extends support for certain platform features to existing Android versions”.

Among the first features that the Extension Software Developer Kit will benefit from android 13’s new photo pickerIt can be integrated into applications running on some versions of Android 11 and 12.

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“This update also lays the groundwork for the expansion of Privacy Sandbox testing on Android.”says Google spokesperson Scott Westover. In the post, the web giant also has a increasingly modular approach to your mobile operating systemNET Framework that can be updated individually without having to release important updates, which are often heavy to install and time-consuming to download.

In the announcement posted on the blog, Google also mentions the extension that will support some features in current Android versions:New Extension SDK set to open an important channel How to develop Android in the future.

It’s not clear if other options will follow the photo selector, but it’s undoubtedly an important announcement.

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By the way, a few months ago, Android 13 Go Edition became official.

Source: Every Eye

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