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Why isn’t the rainbow black, white or gray?

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After the rain often comes the rainbow, which shows us the magnificent colors of the refraction of light. You need very specific conditions to create it, but have you ever wondered why there aren’t any colors like the one below? black, white or gray?

The light from the sun looks white to us, but what we see in daily life is actually white. consists of a mixture of different colors. Light travels in waves and as it creates a rainbow, each of the colors we can observe has what we call one. different “wavelength”.

Colors from violet, which is the shortest wavelength, to red, which is the longest wavelength, category called “visible spectrum”. When light hits a drop of water, it can change direction – a phenomenon called “refraction”.

The two colors we will never see in the rainbow are black and white. Black because obviously the absence of colorwhat we observe in the absence of light, on the other hand white is the combination of all colors. When light is refracted by raindrops, it splits white light into the visible spectrum, so it’s no longer that hue.

At the same time, gray is a mixture of black and white, and since we can never see these two colors, we cannot see the result of this combination. By the way, did you know that night rainbows also exist? But only in very rare cases.

Source: Every Eye

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