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Why are dogs’ noses always wet? The explanation may surprise you

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Anyone with a dog knows that their nose is often wet and clammy, but for what reason? Many would argue that a wet nose is an indicator of good pet health, and while the idea is relatively correct, the reason behind it is quite different.

Dogs’ olfactory system is so incredibly well developed that they have been used in the past to sniff out COVID-19 in humans and this sense is – at least – 10,000 times better than ours. According to research, these creatures can even reconstruct a mental picture of the world around them simply by smell.

It’s not surprising, then, that one of the biggest hurdles for dogs is a dry nose. ‘Cause these creatures are me 300 million olfactory receptorsThey secrete mucus that moves through the nasal cavity to align the rhinarium (or tartufo), which we call the “nose.”

When this part gets wet, the animal can trap and process the chemicals. Behaviorally, like people who scratch their eyes when they see bad, dogs often lick their noses because this helps to coat mucus evenly and adds an extra layer of moisture.

There is another explanation for the moisture in a dog’s nose: Dogs sweat not from their fur but from their paws, and they also sweat from the nose in small amounts. That way, their facial organs are always ready to take in all the surrounding scents (and it’s the same reason that drives them to stick their heads out the car window).

Source: Every Eye

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