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Could we use a black hole to time travel?

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Black holes are the most extreme objects in the universe and are so “monsters” that even light cannot escape their clutches. Right now we don’t have a spacecraft to pass through such a beast, but one day we can use it to time travel?

Time travel is strictly related to science fiction, although some scientists have argued about it many times. Crossing a black hole, on the other hand, is a less obscure matter, and we know what can happen if someone crosses the bounds of this cosmic beast.

Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity tells us that matter and energy bend and stretch space: the larger an object, the more space stretches and bends around. When space is tense, time is tense too. Therefore, the clock next to a large object runs slower than the clock next to a much smaller object (actually, did you know that those living at higher altitudes age later than those living near the sea?).

A clock near a black hole runs very slowly compared to the clock on Earth and a year near one of these cosmic monsters. it could mean 80 years on our planet. In this way, black holes can be used to travel to the future… but what about the past? This is a more complex issue.

Theoretically, a black hole warps time so much that it can wrap around itself, creating a kind of natural “time machine.” If only one could somehow get into what physicists call “”.closed time curve“We will find ourselves in an orbit in space, beginning in the future and ending in the past.

However, there are three main limitations to consider. The first is that it is only possible to travel to the past of the black hole: If the black hole was created after the extinction of the dinosaurs, for example, it would not be possible to go back far enough. Second, to escape the gravity of the singularity, traveling faster than light…which we know is impossible (as of today). The third major limitation, last but not least, is the dreaded phenomenon of spaghetti when the impenetrable border is crossed.

In short, there will be no time travel.

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