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Digital terrestrial: innovation that can turn the experience upside down you don’t even realize

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There’s no use in navigating too much: Despite the ubiquity of streaming services, the “classic” world of television in Italy continues to keep countless viewers glued to the screen. Someone recently came not trivial news for digital terrestrialbut you may not have noticed it.

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No, we’re not talking about the channel-related appearance of the word “HD” or the switch to the now well-known MPEG-4, but we’re talking about something that could really change the viewing experience, at least for some users. Remember teletext? forget it: now DVB Subtitle technology has arrived.

If the name doesn’t tell you anything, you should know who it’s referring to. a new service for subtitles, may also be helpful for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Features are not only about better readability, but also more direct and simple access to the service.

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Simply put, a subtitle system was recently welcomed next generation for digital terrestrial. Mediaset has already launched the DVB Subtitles app for its main channels, so you can get a quick idea about everything in a simple way. In fact, for example, you just need to access Channel 5 using your trusty remote and then press the subtitle button (this is usually shows as “Subtitle” or similar on the remote).

In short, we are referring to an important innovation in some respects, taking into account how many people usually watch conventional digital terrestrial channels. Among other things, for those who know how to “handle” TV options, it may be of interest to know during this period. Mediaset has also implemented dual audio in HE-AAC..

This means that the content of main channels such as Canale 5 can be listened to in both Italian and possibly in the original language. Roughly speaking, there is generally more “customization” possibilitiesit can turn the experience upside down for those who are used to using everything the “classic” way.

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Source: Every Eye

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