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Is your child constantly moving and unable to sit still? Here’s why it turns out

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Why do babies move so much? What do these gestures mean? new study published in PNASjust try to answer these curious questions.

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A study that analyzed the joint movements of 12 healthy babies born younger than ten days old and 10 babies about three months old, after seeing whether and how much they would make a newborn cry. Muscle activity and sensory input signals were then evaluated. Thanks to the computer model of the little ones, first individually and then their interactions are taken into account.

The results clearly showed that his movements were actually hiding. an exploratory behavior designed to enhance the sensorimotor systemor that can control our ability to act and coordinate in the environment around us.

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Dr. Hoshinori Kanazawa, one of the authors, actually said:Research so far has suggested that babies develop their sensory-motor systems through fast, focused movements. Our results show that this is not so, and his movements simply “wander” with curiosityI’m looking for sensorimotor interactions.”

In fact, babies will not continue to repeat the same movement until they learn, but will continue to do it in large numbers. learning to act with extreme curiosity. Therefore, this is an important discovery, given that newborns do not sleep all day, as further studies will enable us to understand which behaviors are defined as normal and which indicate developmental delay.

My ultimate goal is to understand the mechanisms underlying motor development and encourage the child’s development.” Kanazawa finally says.

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