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What should have been the first Android smartphone? All revealed

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We have already covered the first smartphone in history on these pages, but interesting details about the Android world have emerged recently. In fact, one of the people who contributed to the development of the Google operating system decided to reveal important information about Google. project origins.

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In this context, as reported by Gizchina, the investment partner of the GV team Rich Miner posted on TwitterAt the end of October 2022, some explanations came about what happened in the first period of Android. To understand the question we need to go back a few years: more precisely, a five months before the first iPhone was released.

Thus, it refers to a moment before the actual arrival of the HTC Dream (or T-Mobile G1/Google G1), which is considered to be the first commercially available Android smartphone. America on October 22, 2008. In fact, he was reading according to Miner’s words before. an early prototype device of the green robot.

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The more careful among you will have already understood everything: yes, it’s all about “mysterious” HTC Google Coming Soonhas also been discovered over the years through articles like Android Police’s. As mentioned, it refers to a prototype that should represent the first Android smartphone.

In fact, Miner’s “disclosures” go in that direction, suggesting that Google had potential at the time. Likely to come before Apple, because the prototype design was ready at least five months before the first iPhone was released. It is now known how it actually happened, but the statements that have emerged recently are certainly interesting. What happened to HTC Google Sooner? According to Miner, the project on the latter was abandoned after the release of the iPhone in favor of the aforementioned HTC Dream.

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Source: Every Eye

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