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YouTube will start monetizing Shorts from February 2023: will there be more ads?

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YouTube continues to focus on a young audience and rely on creators and influencers. Monetize YouTube Shorts From February 2023.

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The announcement comes directly from the admins of the streaming platform. betting on vertical videos and their appeal. With the new YouTube Partner program, changes will actually come for all creators, as Partner agreements will be reorganized into specific modules differentiated by recommended content. In this way, YouTube will avoid changing the contract for all creators regardless of the type of videos they post, making it easier for other monetization methods to become available in the future. All existing Partners, New contract until 10 July 2023.

In the specific case of YouTube Shorts, they will be needed to be part of the monetization program. 10 million public views in the last 90 days or alternatively, at least 1,000 subscribers to the channel and 4,000 hours of views in the last 12 months. Once these requirements are met, influencers and YouTubers will be able to fulfill the official request from February 1, 2023 to earn more from their content.

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Of course this means input Ads between shorts, exactly like on TikTok or between Instagram Reels. The hope is that they won’t be too invasive, as is increasingly the case with traditional videos.

But by the end of 2022, live lyrics came to songs on YouTube Music.

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