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Amazon and the worst year since 2000: possible return of Jeff Bezos?

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The Amazon staff cuts, which were confirmed in early 2023, don’t come at a random time for the e-commerce giant. Actually, 2022 hasn’t exactly been the most positive in years For Andy Jassy and associates.

In this context, as reported by Fortune, there has been a trillion-dollar market value loss for Amazon as well as Amazon recently. Nearly 50% decrease in stock side in 2022 (in that sense because it was the worst year for the company since 2000 or the dot-com bubble). In this context, it is clear that discussions have begun on possible scenarios for 2023.

Among the possibilities holding the most bench Possible return of Jeff BezosAndy Jassy, ​​who left the role of CEO of the company in 2021 and was named, left a place for Andy Jassy, ​​who until then was president of Amazon Web Services. It has been debated for some time why Jeff Bezos is no longer CEO of Amazon, but in such a difficult time, there are those who think that a possible “appropriate” return of the founder may actually happen.

To assert the hypothesis analyst Michael BatnickEven Bezos, Director of Research at Ritholtz Wealth Management, who told CNBC microphones that he believes such a scenario is plausible, is feeling the effects on a personal wealth level. Also, 2022 marked major events like the return of Bob Iger to Disney and Howard Schultz to Starbucks, so it wouldn’t be an “unprecedented” situation.

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