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How to disable Spotify and Apple Music data consumption? Not hard

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Today, mainstream phone offerings in Italy provide access to hundreds of gigabytes of Internet at a sustainable price, though some users may prefer cheaper plans and therefore less mobile data. To avoid their overuse, let’s see How to save data with Spotify and Apple Music?.

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Music streaming services probably won’t consume that much internet unless you’re listening to non-stop albums every month with an active Lossless plan and who knows when the Spotify Hi-Fi plan will arrive. In these cases, the best solution might be: limiting mobile data used by appsand it’s pretty easy to activate.

In the case of Spotify, the setting of interest is implemented in the application itself and is easily accessible: from Android and iOS you just have to start the service and go to Settings using the typical gear icon from the Home screen. At this point, in the latest versions of the app you’ll find under the name of your profile, Data Saver button: Pressing toggles between standard audio quality and lower 24 kbit/sec and disables artist canvases to avoid waste of data with video feeds in separate song tabs. Alternatively, the same option can be enabled via the appropriate item accessible under account information.

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On the other hand, if you want to limit mobile data usage even on Apple Music, unfortunately there is no playback quality control system. As a result, the only way to save money is to Limited Data Usage optionAvailable in Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options on iOS or via Settings > Network & Internet > Data Saver on Android.

On iPhone and iPad, another solution for mobile data is available from the system settings in the cellular connectivity items: here you can also choose which apps to use. Completely block the use of 4G/5G network. This option embeds services like Apple Music and Spotify restrictedso be careful.

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