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Does your iPhone have non-genuine components? Here’s how to check

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The following suspicion may arise: All components of a purchased iPhone have been used they are apple originals? Is the battery replaced during the repair original? There is an easy way to try to solve everything.

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Actually you should know that as of iOS 15.2 the system Report non-genuine components. So, if you have a recent version of Apple OS, you can find all relevant information directly in Settings.

When you access the latter, first access the “General” area, then select the “Info” option. In this context, you will be informed if there is any component that may not be original. The “PARTS AND MAINTENANCE HISTORY” section appearsParts that the system identifies as “unknown parts” will be indicated.

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For example, iPhones with replaced battery may display “.It is not possible to determine if the iPhone battery is a genuine Apple part. Why is that part may not be originaldoes not work as expected or the installation did not complete“.

In short, Apple’s operating system today can also alert you with clear messages about the possible presence of parts. potentially not real, so you have more control over everything. For the rest, if you are looking for more details on the subject, you can directly refer to the official Apple portal.

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