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Time has stopped in this village, everything is as it was 200 years ago.

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Have you just discovered that there is a forest in Europe and want to take a trip to a magical place where everything seems to have stopped in time? Then schmilka Suits you.

We are talking about a small village located in Saxony, in the green hinterland of East Germany. jealously guarding some of its most important traditionsseems to have stood still in time.

Surrounded by the Elbe River on one side and rocky hills on the other, the history of the city begins in 1582 thanks to Czech woodcutters. “They were the first to use the name.schmilka” which is the Slavic translation “timber harvest”. Just in this magical place, breathing fresh air, watching the sunset on the grass, in a privileged area “Kleine Composition” and enjoy the gastronomic tradition of the first organic brewery in all of Saxon Switzerland or Bio-Braumanufaktur.

However, its peculiarity is found in its buildings and not in its uncontaminated environment. It seems that walking on its streets has a strange feeling. literally being in another era thanks to the wooden houses that have been colored and preserved in their original form. “Schmilka was a tourist village 200 years ago” said local artist Andrea Bigge,” and it still is, but it still feels like it’s stuck in that era

Although not a completely vegetation-covered village, this is an ideal place for those who want to get away from the madness of the metropolis. As one of the local hoteliers put it: “People come to Schmilka to do nothing“, immersing yourself in a small town where the past plunges into the present, and vice versa.

Source: Every Eye

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