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Here comes ChatGPT Professional, the paid version of ChatGPT

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While ChatGPT remains offline due to the large number of accesses, the official OpenAI Discord channel shared: First details of “ChatGPT Professional”Experimental paid version of the chatbot with a waiting list.

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The developers highlighted that this version offers a number of advantages, including the ability to access ChatGPT at any time; “quick answers” without limitation and double the number of replies per day compared to the free version.

Clearly, the company on Discord “We are starting to think about how to make money with ChatGPT. Our goal is to continue to improve the service and keep it online, and monetization is one of the ways we consider to ensure the long-term viability of our plans. We want to chat with a few people for about 15 minutes to get initial feedback.”.

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Membership in the ChatGPT Professional pilot program is open to everyone: Simply fill out the request form, which contains a series of questions about what price you think is appropriate. But OpenAI, “This is the first experimental program subject to change and we are not currently making paid access generally available.”.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT has been banned from public schools in New York for helping students cheat.

Source: Every Eye

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