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How to install Google Camera on any Android smartphone?

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In our Google Pixel 7 Pro review, we highlighted the potential of the camera industry. get excellent quality videos and photos. The Google Camera app plays an important role that is not found on other devices of the green robot … or maybe yes?

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Anyone who can’t afford a Pixel phone and has to limit themselves to a low-end mobile device, or anyone who doesn’t like the design of Google phones but wants to get closer to the incredible algorithms. Improve Pixel setup can really access the app Google Camera, aka GCam. But how?

For Install GCam on all Android smartphones You don’t need much: you just need a smartphone with the Grande G operating system and download the application installation file through third-party sites. Yes, because in the Play Store Google Camera is “not available” for any non-Pixel device. As a result, you have to rely on good developers like BSG to access the latest versions of GCam.

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So, to access it, simply visit the page dedicated to GCam mode: from mobile, only one One simple tap on “MGC_8.7.165_A11_V0.apk” link to download the application to your smartphone and then install it. But pay attention to some details: First, it is necessary to give permission to the system to continue the installation of unknown applications, ignoring any warnings about the security of the device. Also, this special version of Google Camera is designed for smartphones with: Android 11 or higherand may come with some bugs on versions before Android 13.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to launch the Google Camera from your Drawer – or your Home – and access some key premium features, from exposure controls for HDR+ to the advanced Night Photo mode. perfect for trying your hand at astrophotography.

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