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Opposition record, Government confirms failure: “it’s not working”

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We talked about the failure on the opposition record in these pages a few days ago, but now Official approval from the government From the mouth of Minister Adolfo Urso, who at a hearing in the House of Representatives confirmed the Executive’s intention to change this.

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Business Minister agreed tool “did not fully run” stressed the need forput your hand”.

At trial, a former trick of Copasir observed: the system works when it comes to normal market collection of permissions and controls, but besides “An irregular number where numbers are stolen illegitimately, where callers hide or change their phone number to avoid being called back.”.

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This is why Urso explains: Inter-institutional cooperation needs to be strengthened. audit calls i.e. Agcom and Privacy Guaranteer.

The new Opposition Record was made available last July 2022 and was eagerly awaited by users as it gives the possibility to include mobile numbers in the list as well. However, it has proven to be ineffective in practice as call centers find tricks to circumvent user choices.

Source: Every Eye

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