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Breaking down the doors of a hotel and wandering the hallway with an Audi A5: viral video

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Guest of a Shanghai hotel absolutely pissed off he thought it would be good to go on his own Audi A5 and smashing the doors of the hotel and then walking around the hall smashing the furniture. Everything was shot with a smartphone and the video went viral. WeiboFamous Chinese social network.

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As you can see from the video posted on this page white Audi A5 with black circles, noisily from the door of a hotel after walking over what looked like a statue or perhaps a vase and then returning to the hotel lobby and colliding with a pillar. The driver seemed to be stuck, but at one point he shifted into reverse and was about to go back to the front door, perhaps to escape, then got stuck there.

Clearly shocked those present and people in the videohe’s going crazy!“, Moreover “Any idea what you’re doing?“, still “You’re crazy? Six?“In the beginning, some people, perhaps hotel staff, approached the car and tried to open the doors and prevent the crazy driver, in vain. Later, the Audi A5, which was shown among the most reliable cars on the market, was definitely “implantedagainst the glass doors of the hotel, The man finally got out of the vehicle..

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Meanwhile, the police were alarmed and detained the same driver. 28-year-old Chen, then arrested. According to the reconstruction carried out by the Chinese media, no one would be involved in the accident, but the driver would be provoked. a previous dispute with hotel staff about a lost laptop: In a nutshell, the hotel accused Chen of stealing the laptop that was later found outside the hotel facility.

The 28-year-old player will now face off. multiple attempts endangered several people and caused extensive damage to the hotel. Speaking of Audi, an A5 EV could hit the market after the Q6 e-Tron in the future.

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Source: Every Eye

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