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Touchscreen MacBooks could become reality: will they launch in 2025?

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Despite resisting the pressures and wishes of users in recent years, Apple has apply the touchscreen to your Mac. According to the news reported by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, the first models to benefit from this should be the MacBook Pro OLED.

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The launch is expected in 2025 and Gürman says Apple engineers ‘actively involved in the project’This indicates that the company is seriously considering the possibility of producing a Mac with a touch panel.

The popular journalist also released the first details of what could happen. first MacBook Pro with touchscreen: the laptop retains the classic design with trackpad and keyboard, the only difference being in support of touch input like iPhone or iPad.

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At the operating system level, I early Mac Touches should use macOS: There are currently no indications from Apple that iPadOS and macOS are merging, as mobile apps for Macs based on Apple Silicon chips are available in the App Store.

In short, the next few years are expected to be quite eventful on the Mac front: Some rumors that have surfaced in recent weeks have been talking about the arrival of an OLED MacBook Air in 2024, but there are also talk of other innovations that may affect it. laptop price list

Source: Every Eye

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